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Welcome to ASM's Toy Fair 2006 Coverage!

Welcome to our coverage of Mattel Girls! Barbie, Barbie, Holly Hobbie, Barbie, Winx Club -- did we mention Barbie? NOTE: The My Scene "Fab Faces" were on display, but no photographs were allowed in the main show room; however, we were given permission to take pictures of what was on display in their Javits Center booth. Updated 2/16 with Barbie Collector and My Scene
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The first Barbie toyline on display is Barbie Beach Fun! After a bit of an absence, Ken returns -- with a new face! See the Gallery

Next we have Barbie Fairytopia: Mermaidia! The 2006 entry in the Fairytopia line features Barbie and friends under the sea as mermaids! See the Gallery

Now we come to Barbie in The 12 Dancing Princesses! There's a new Barbie DVD coming, and here are the toys that complement it! See the Gallery

Fourth in the list is Barbie's Life! These toys depict Barbie in a more normal setting, away from princesses, the beach, and mermaids. See the Gallery

The next Barbie line is The Barbie Diaries! This line has acecssories for girls such as electronic diaries and charm bracelets, plus there will be a DVD! See the Gallery

For the adult collector, Mattel gives you Barbie Collector! See the Gallery

Finally, Barbie and friends will appear in Barbie Fashion Fever! This looks like it'll be the main dress-up line for Barbie in 2006! See the Gallery

Also shown at Mattel Girls was Holly Hobbie! The "Design My Style" theme will capture girls' hearts with Holly and friends. See the Gallery

Next is Teen Trends! Geared towards teens (naturally), this is another dress-up dolls for girls! See the Gallery

Following that, we have Winx Club! This line is back in 2006, including singing doll and makeover sets! See the Gallery

Next we have My Scene, another in a line of dolls with clothes you can change! (Photos taken with permission at Mattel's Javits Center booth.) See the Gallery

Finally we have Mattel Girls - Miscellaneous, including Polly World, Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi, Pixel Chix, Little Mermaid, and more! See the Gallery