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Welcome to ASM's Toy Fair 2006 Coverage!

Welcome to our coverage of Mezco! Family Guy, Hellboy, South Park, and more -- let's get to it!
Who would have thought that we'd have Family Guy toys to talk about after FOX cancelled it? Well, the fans responded, so Mezco responds to the fans! See the Gallery

Next we have Hellboy! The figures based on the Dark Horse comic continue in 2006! See the Gallery

Next up is Living Dead Dolls -- man, these things are creepy. Job well done, Mezco! See the Gallery

An original toyline, Mez-Its look awesome! These somewhat super-deformed figures feature Pirates, Ninjas, and playsets! See the Gallery

Next is South Park! The crude Comedy Central cartoon still is popular, so Mezco brings new toys for the upcoming year. See the Gallery

Finally, we have Miscellaneous, including Public Enemy, the Miami Vice movie, King Kong, and more! See the Gallery